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Youtube is coming out with its new ads and analytics features:

Youtube is coming out with its new ads and analytics features:

YouTube Experiments With Allowing Creators to Sell Ad Space Directly to Brands :

The remote control of video ads are to be given to the creators by letting them sell ad space directly to brands they regularly work with. Tom Leung, YouTube’s director of product management, reported in a recent Creator Insider video on YouTube that they are experimenting with a new way for creators to sell advertising to brands with whom they already have a relationship. Though he didn’t share much minutes of this feature, except acknowledging that the pilot program involves a very small, limited group of participants. Its is expected that  there’s speculation that the program may closely resemble the Partner-Sold Ads program. Since the creators shall be interested in it, this feature can prove out to be beneficial. Though there is dilemma in some areas like the term ‘relationship’ used by Tom Leung in his statement. Maybe YouTube doesn’t want creators approaching new or unfamiliar brands to offer them ad space. Instead, it might want them restricted to approaching companies that have already paid them for sponcon or partnered with them on branded merch. Also, there is a doubt whether the creators are suppose to disclose  it if/when they sell an ad and upto what limits. The boundaries are yet to be defined.

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YouTube Creator Studio Features a Mid-Roll Ads Editor: The newest version of Creator Studio amplifies the feature YouTube’s Mid-Roll Ads Editor. It allows the creators to manually place mid-roll ads in their videos.

YouTube Adds Notifications Analytics to Video Metrics:

Youtube has served its creators to track down the progress made at every step. YouTube rolled out Bell Notification Analytics to all channels. It tracks the number of subscribers received a notification, clicked on the bell, and the number of video views received via bell notifications. Also, this feature gives a room for correction the channel owner as they will also receive explanations when bell notifications aren’t sent out to 100% of subscribers.

YouTube Analytics Now Lets Creators Compare More Metrics Side by Side:

  The Deep Dive section of the YouTube Analytics dashboard can be used to compare multiple metrics side by side for the first time. This can be convenient enough for the creators. Along side, the other comparison features include views versus comments on a single video, overall period over period channel performance, geographic audience comparisons, etc.

Facebook Tests Cross-Posting Facebook Stories to Instagram Stories:

Facebook has confirmed it’s testing the option to cross-post Facebook Stories to Instagram.Hen.ce, Instagram added the option to cross-post stories to Facebook Stories.

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