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Snapchat is Putting Their Bets BitMooji’s TV

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Those crazy filters (of dogs and cats, policemen, old age and what not) that once were the best things about Snapchat are now common to every platform. Then, the social media app pops up with emojis where users can create their own virtual characters and play games with their friends featuring emojis.

Sooner or later emojis too were copied by other social apps and a plethora of other video apps took over snapchat and it became just another social media app with nothing ‘unique’.

During the phase of Snapchat’s emojis, they had a phenomenal success. But later this feature was also a me-too thing that was present in all other social media apps. But Snapchat realised the power of emojis and its craze among users.

In 2020 Snapchat’s Bitmoji will not just be about usual stickers, games and stories. Bitmojit TV series will be rolling out soon for Discover that will feature avatars of users in leading comic roles based on secret agent missions, zombie stories, start-trek style spaceship travel. Series is said to go live in February 2020 but users can subscribe in advance

Snapchat acquired Bitmoji in 2016 for merely $64.2 million. Back then Bitmoji did wonders for Snapchat and was a big hit. But slowly this feature was either copied by others or users became bored from it. But TV should prove to be another hit. Snapchat had over 330 million download as of April.

Realizing the crazy of Bitmoji, Snap began experimenting with its uses in 2017 and integrated augmented reality with their avtars. Next year they launched Snap Kit Developer platform with imporived features that allows users to login and use Bitmoji as profile pic. After sometime they started appearing in smart watch faces and on Snap’s merchandize like t-shirts, coffee mugs.

This attempt surely makes the Bitmooji game even more serious and interesting, but Bitmoji TV’s success will depend on the quality of content and how catchy the scenes would be. If your avatar is catching the funny nerve or memeistic situations you’ll keep coming back but if she shows feel forced, childish or boring, the craze would be lost.

Snap’s move with Bitmoji TV, one thing is clear that Snapchat is taking Bitmoji’s seriously and they don’t want their bitmooji’s to be just another thing. How success or how mainstream it’s going to be we will see in the coming time but I’m really looking forward to see my avatar with my friend’s avatars in a lead comic role!

With the hope to drive more crowd toward TV, the move is like to improve the value of Discover.

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