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TikTok Launches ‘Small Gestures’ – A Virtual Gift-Giving Process


‘Small Gestures’ is a new option created by TikTok that shall enable users over Social Media to send free, virtual gifts from a range of brand partners on the app itself. It is currently only available to US users.


According to TikTok:
“By collaborating with our brand partners on this new program, we’re able to give users a platform to
feel connected with their friends and family through the small gesture of sending a gift to someone who
might need it most. And thanks to our generous partners, these ‘Small Gestures’ are offered free for all
TikTok users to send gifts up to three separate times.”

As claimed above, this option is available free of cost to all its users. They play a major role in promotion
of the app, without losing the significance of the motive of its introduction.

The perks it offers can be listed as:

    • A 90-day subscription to Adobe Premiere Rush
    • 1-month free DashPass subscription
    • 90-day trial subscription for Pandora
    • 2-month Premium Membership for Skillshare

These promotional tactics are bounded to attract more people on board and increase its popularity and
engagements worldwide.

It can be sent on TikTok when users search ‘Small Gestures’ on the Discover Page in the app. By tapping
on the purple banner for the program, one can select the offers they want to send. Lastly, choose the
offer and send it via message.

Though, the initial motive of the offer is claimed to be “provide comfort and thinking of you” reminders
to friends and family, it can also be used to increase participation of TikTok in e-commerce.

Since it has come to notice that short-form video is comparatively difficult to monetize, and interruptive
ads concern and agitates the users, and thus are skip TikTok needs to look for alternate promotion
options, in order to monetize for its own revenue purposes, and also to provide income streams for top

‘Douyin’, the Chinese version of the app has noted ample of monetization via eCommerce in China.

It generated over $122 million in revenue last year and here, the most share is generated by eCommerce.
So, TikTok aims to raise the bar of revenue collection as reflected by its initiative.

This is the reason that TikTok is continuously testing out on its own eCommerce tools and external linking options to provide more revenue generation options for creators. In view of this, it has also launched an influencer marketplace to promote this option.

Also, on its end it is promoting influencers and offering greater
outreach option by posting it own ads.

#TikTalk: Proven more authentic, relatable and engaging, user-generated content (UGC) trumps traditional ads. By…

Posted by TikTok Ads on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

But, UGC and eCommerce integrations shall need more
involvement and creative ideas in order to generate a better revenue and set a benchmark.

There are high probabilities that the potential users of TikTok can shift to YouTube and Facebook as
these options are seen to be one of the leading platforms to make money, while TikTok works on
making itself a boon for its users. On that point, it can also be matter of concern for TikTok as YouTube
is initiating to build its own TikTok clone, and can be a great steal of its potential users.

TikTok needs to establish some transactional processes on the platform, which could assist users and
links their connectivity into its eCommerce affairs. It can prove to provide amplified promotional
opportunities for its partner brands in the near future, and the current option systems can be a spotlight
and creatively worked upon to enhance shopping through the app.

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