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TikTok Now Enables Web Login, Including Access to Analytics and Video Uploads via Desktop

TikTok SocialMedia

A new login option has been added on TikTok website, which offers access to the TikTok accounts via
desktop PC, in order to work with analytics, videos, etc. This can turn out to be a good news for the
social media managers to explore and bring out the best of this new option.



Though the login option is at the top right of screen on the Trending page, but it isn’t added to the main
home screen at this stage.

Advantages offered with the new added option(s):
When you log in, you can access your basic account info and check out a customized feed of content
based on your preferences.
The videos can be directly uploaded from desktop, which open doors to upload more efficient, creative
and better versions of the videos.

TikTok on desktop
Also, converting to a Pro Account gives access to analytics which makes it easier to keep tabs on your
performance, on the same surface that you manage your other social media accounts from. This option
will help social media managers maintain their presence on each platform from a desktop base.

TikTok analytics on web
A new ‘Voiceover’ functionality has been added by TikTok that shall provide an altogether new pathway
to customize the clips.

@tiktokVoice Over for videos? We’ve got that. Try our new ##voiceover feature, available now. 🗣♬ original sound – tiktok

Instagram was also seen to add capacity to manage DMs via desktop, and view Instagram live-streams.
Now, TikTok takes up it turn by improving its desktop functionality which makes it easier to keep on top
of all platforms from home office.

TikTok is constantly being questioned on its longer-term viability that concerns personal data sharing
and usage, and moderates user content, but with its recent brand partnerships and additions, it is
assumed that it shall stay in the market for a longer time. One of the reason s for its popularity and
increased engagements in partnerships and shareholders can be traced by the fact it bestows an
opportunity to connect with the audience which make it worth giving a shot on innovation and
exploration in the app.

There is an increased usage seen of TikTok during the lockdowns, and if it solidifies its eCommerce tools,
and provide creators with better revenue streams, it can ensure its position in the social market.

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