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Native Scheduling is introduced by Twitter in the Tweet Composer Window on Desktop


Twitter has finally announced the native tweet schedule option which it was testing since a year
allowing Twitter to save tweet drafts to its desktop app.

It has a new ‘Unsent Tweets’ button at the top right of the composer window. On tapping it, one would
be able to access all of his saved tweets. Thus, this would ultimately allow to come back and finish the
half written tweet on desktop just like on the mobile app.

As per Twitter:
“Right now, Tweet drafts saved on desktop or mobile web will be accessible via desktop or mobile web

Thus, the tweet drafts won’t be synced between the desktop and the saved drafts can be accessed only
via the medium it was drafted. They shall work to sync all the draft tweets at some stage in the future.

Also, there is an option of tweet scheduling.Twitter was seen to first start working on scheduling within
the composer in the month of August last year.

Then it started its launch with limited testing with users in the month of November. Now, it has introduced its complete launch with its users but shall be handy just like native scheduling.

Many social media managers schedule tweets via third-party apps since many years, with aligned
routines around the systems they already use. Due to this, I many won’t turn up for switching to
Twitter’s native scheduling. Still, Twitter has the way out by placing limitations on its API (like Facebook
does) to make it much more preferable in order to schedule through the app instead.

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