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Messenger Rooms can now be created by users on Instagram

messenger rooms on instagram

Facebook is trying out its best to resolve all sorts of connectivity barriers to video chat during this time
of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Now, Instagram users shall be able to create Messenger Rooms direct
from their Instagram Direct inbox.

One has to tap on the video chat button within Instagram Direct where he/she can observe the prompt
to create a Messenger Room. The specific people can be chosen and then, the link to join the room can
be sent to them via DM.

Messenger Rooms are for Messenger and thus, thought it allows to join in with the Instagram Friends, it
switches you to Messenger app for the video chat. This option opens doors for the new multi-participant
video chat option but the active Rooms of Messenger won’t be displayed in Instagram. So it restricts
users to use it as a drop-in video chat tool, as it is designed on Facebook and now carried forward by
Messenger through Instagram.

Messenger Rooms can emerge as a good option to connect virtually by the fact that Facebook expanded
the option to all its users last week. Though, Facebook is still working of its alignment setup in order to
bring everything out as perfect and in line.

During its early testing, Rooms came out to be too glitchy, and display format causes some relevant
issues. Since, Facebook lists both Rooms and any active connection on Messenger on the same function
panel within the app, it leads to confusion and messes up the maze of being present in a Room and
being just online.

Facebook Rooms

The disruption in this clarity can lead to overflowing of random messages from people and unwanted
connections. It may also lead to awkward situations of under preparedness for one-on-one video call.

Messenger Rooms are in general just Messenger video calls in which the connected and known people
can join in. Though, there are various criticism for the same, specifically objectifying and interrogating its
greater role in a long run.

Rooms for Groups and Events has also been added to justify and speak its worth. Also, Rooms for
Workplace has also been added to ease the process of discussion with colleagues and business officials.


Facebook is working best on its credibility, capacity and capability in order to provide more ways for
people to connect into Rooms and thus, ensure a virtual connection. The addition of new presentation
and sharing options can lead to significant changes in the potential of this option.

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