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Messenger Integration is being tested by Instagram and launching New ‘Plans’ Sticker for Scheduling Online Meet-Ups


In order integrate its messaging apps, Facebook is trying out various methods and strategies and is now adding a feather in its cap by enabling Instagram to test out a new option that would allow to get Messenger messages in your Instagram Direct inbox.

Instagram Messenger

Though, Instagram has confirmed the test but it announced that it isn’t ready for a launch.

Facebook, through these small yet effective steps is trying to  to enable and capture the full cross-messaging functionality between Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. This service shall connect users by exchange of  messages through these services. This shall lead the inbox replication within each app, which is integral for Facebook. The benefit is that the conversation in any Facebook messaging app shall also be available on the other two platforms.

It is expected that any sorts of modification and messaging feature that will be introduced  on any platform shall be made available on the other two as well.

Facebook is constantly making progress in developing and testing the new features without much public announcements about its rising messaging integration plan.

Also, Facebook is or the edge of testing a new sticker with some users. It is called the new ‘Plans’ sticker which shall enable users to schedule for online meet-ups, further which can be linked with Facebook’s new Rooms offering.

Adding the Plans sticker shall enable to add a date and info to direct the viewers of the stories in joining the meet-up. The Stories viewers shall also be able to note the registered participants among their friends in the particular event.

This option can also be useful in webinars or product announcements to observe the known people in the attendees’ list.This opinion shall cater the promotional activities and strategies for different types of meet-ups. Since FDT is based in the US, so it is assumed that this option shall be available to the US users.

These updates aren’t huge though, but shall be effective through messaging via Facebook’s apps, and increasing the online events engagements during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

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