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LinkedIn introduces its own Polls option to gain more engagement


LinkedIn after testing since last month, has now officially launched its new native polls option. It shall
work to gather feedback if the users, and also boost up the engagements.

LinkedIn polls have the same function like the other platforms in which poll maker has to select the
“Create a Poll” option within the post composer, type the question, and enter up to four answer options.
The poll’s duration that would be chosen has to be between 24 hours and up to two weeks, followed by
add a note option to the post, thus making it ready to publish.

LinkedIn polls can be shared with the connections as per the LinkedIn’s algorithm, specific groups, or to
any specific person.

LinkedIn claims that polls can come out as an effective option within groups as per the quality of
engagement and membership and thus, conveys that:
“By targeting specific Groups with your poll, you can get even more relevant insights – for example, if
you are in a Group for marketers, you could ask about the group member’s favorite tool for email
marketing management.”

LinkedIn took away the option of existence of polls in 2014. So, now it has been re-introduced which
shall provide the means to gather informative insights with ease, followed by facilitation of effective and
fruitful interaction and discussion.

The results of the poll can be tracked in real-time, also giving access to listings if the ones who voted,
and their chosen option. It could help to sort the list and target the users accordingly.

On the completion of the poll, the creator can access the full response data which would provide
immediate insight. This would help build up potential plans and aid and strategize future content and
plans. Since LinkedIn is seen as a reputed professional network, the insights gleaned here could add up
more to the values of various businesses rather than amusement polls of instagram and facebook,
strictly for entertainment purposes.

Though, LinkedIn polls are similar to other poll option available on other platforms, the purpose of its
usage and types of responses by the particular group of people solves the idea of its introduction and
adds extra value to LinkedIn’s variation.

LinkedIn claims that this option is gradually spreading out globally over both mobile and desktop over
the next few weeks and shall be available with everyone within sometime.

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