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Instagram is on its way for next Stories Feed Update

Instagram Stories

In order to help looking for the preferable and interested content, Instagram is soon coming up with
some new ways to ease this time taking and troublesome process of interacting Instagram Stories.

The Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong posted an example of one of the new tests taking
place. This shall enable the users to side the main Stories frame down to reveal the Stories tray at the
top of the screen, then switch through to each.

She also shared that earlier as well, Instagram tested some other variation of the same it. This led the Instagram chief Adam Mosseri to emphasize on the confirmation these new options tests in order to help people navigate through their Stories stream.

Mosseri Stories poll

This option can would add swiftness to the Stories, thus making them easier to swipe.Interestingly, this
can be a new generation potential shift to the next phase of the news feed, and social media navigation.

As observed in the statistics of the past few years, Facebook claims firmly that Stories, without a doubt
can overthrow and succeed the News Feed, which is seen to receive the primary engagement of social
media .

Facebook Stories vs Feed

Even though today Stories are more in play than News Feed but still, the news feed remains at the top in
maintaining the social identity of users public to the audience and thus, acts as the dominant presentation
mode among all the Facebook’s apps. It takes up majority of the screen real estate on both Instagram
and Facebook.

With the increased usage of stories, Instagram will go for a open to a full-screen Stories view in which
one can swipe through to see the latest updates.
If this option is introduced then this shall lead to have significant implications on its users in various

This new experiment can come out be as milestone for success. If Instagram uses this presentation
option then it shall keep people more engaged with Stories, which could could lead to the downfall of
news feed. In the future there are possibilities that if the usage trends of Stories remain the same, they
they may overtake the main feed, for which would lead to Instagram switch to Stories as its primary
function rather than the news feed. The current trends indicate towards such a scenario in the future.

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