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Double-Story Stories Feed is tested by Instagram with some users


Recently, it has been noted that Instagram is testing a new, double-story Stories feed for some users. A
user named Ed Maughan revealed this information which was further shared by social media
expert Matt Navarra. Many other users too have reported the display of the updated stories format in
this week.


Instagram has confirmed the test to SMT, providing this brief statement:
“We’re always testing ways to improve your Instagram experience.”

No information has been disclosed on the availability and reach of this update yet. If it gains a good
response in its test, then it might be taken up as the Stories option really soon.

Jane Manchun Wong- reverse engineering analyst, spotted the back-end code back in April which
clarified that Instagram had been looking to add more Stories bubbles since past few months.

Also, quickly switch between Stories easily can be observed by another Stories test which was
discovered by Wong, and later on confirmed by Instagram.                                                                                    Since, the future trends divert and focus more on Stories, it is predicted that Instagram may switch user
feed with a Stories feed and scrap out the traditional feed focus. This can lead the Instagram app to
display the first frame of the first Story in the tray after opening the app and further, shall allow to skip
through Stories from there itself.

It can be a game changer as the parent company- Facebook has repeatedly noted that Stories are
tending to overtake the news feed and gain a position of the primary surface for engagement on

Stories growth

It stand as a fact in the cases with youth users who give more preference to Stories. It can
lead to major implications and results for social media usage considering the engagement and priority of

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