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Facebook introduces ‘Collab’ – Inspired by TikTok to Make Short Music Videos


Facebook has introduced Collab app under the experimental app division or the New Product
Experimental (NPE) lab which opens door for music videos’ collaborations with a range of artists.
Collab’s desceiption reveals that it aims to overthrow TikTok by capturing the market. Currently, the app
is only available for iOS devices.

As the app name suggests, Collab offers a platform to several artists to collaborate in order to create
freshly brewed content in terms of videos. Facebook’s NPE team conveyed In an official blog post,
“Music is one of the most powerful creative outlets. With Collab, we’re leveraging technology to help
people unlock creative superpowers by collaborating on original music videos from anywhere. In light of
so many folks sheltered in place around the world, we’ve expedited this release.”

As per the directions of Facebook, Collab users shall be able to create short-form videos split into three
simultaneous sources. One can also be allowed to perform a single song by playing three different
instruments and mixing it all together. In addition to this, users are permitted to own recording or by
swiping and discovering an arrangement to complete their composition.

“Collab has made our team feel closer together, even though we are all apart, and we hope it does the
same for you. We still have plenty of work left to polish the experience (disclaimer: there may be bugs
and if you find an issue, please report it). With your feedback, we’ll continue iterating in an effort to
build an experience that everyone enjoys”  the official blog post states.

Facebook allows to share the content of its users on other social media platforms such as Instagram,
Facebook Stories, and others. Though, in order to do so, users have to upload it first on the app.

Collab shall initially be made available to the US and Canada users.

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